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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Twitter Suspends Account for Tnavres64

Today I learned Twitter is serious about using aggressive following methods, even if they are done manually. Though they will not give you exact numbers or boundaries to stay within (understandable - as then software could automate it all), the flip side of the coin, is you have no way of knowing when you cross the demarcation line that will get your account suspended.

What is the cutoff number? 50? 200? 1000? I read a post where the person claimed, "I use this software to follow a 1,000 limit a day and to unfollow anyone who doesn't follow me." I proved today that you cannot follow 1,000 people in a single day.. My follow amounts were split over two days and may have been 700+ new follows at best.  Attempting to maintain a tight ratio by unfollowing those who didn't return the favor, also hurt.

I was anxious to break the 1,000 follow mark apparently, as I was sitting at 979. I'll chalk it up to a lesson learned. My fingers are crossed to get the account reactivated.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

How I Caught Twitter-Mania

I knew about Twitter of course. Everyone and anyone who spends even wee bits of time on the internet cannot help being deluged with all the social media.  My family pestered me for two to three years, "Get on FaceBook." And up until April 3rd, 2010 I was able to tune out the constant pressure of joining: MySpace, FaceBook, and even Twitter. After all, that is what email is for, right?

This all changed when lightning struck me. Not physically; just inside my pea-size noggin. This seemingly random encounter with Michael Dunlop, a young-gun entrepreneur, who posted an article about Twitter on his website, got me to change my outdated thinking. Which at the time was, "I don't want my cell phone being spammed with crap text." It was what I didn't know about what I didn't know...Then white-lightning  struck.